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Wherever your charted journey takes you, Salence outerwear blends premium fabrics with high functionality to accompany you every step of the way...


A 21st century man deserves 21st century style, rooted in classic, timeless designs, but built for the future. We believe who you are today influences what you achieve tomorrow. The clothes don’t make the man, they just accompany the man as he takes that next crucial step of his charted journey. We are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the visionaries, the creatives…resolved for the ride, and dressed for the road ahead.

This is Salence.

Urban executives wanting to stay sharp without sacrificing function should take note of Salence’s Baluster raincoat.
— Cigar Aficionado
Thanks to its motocross styling, the jacket can be worn as either a blazer or a shield against the elements, making it a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.
— Men's Journal