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As with many things, Andy Gathings and I founded Salence out of frustration.  We shared a background of making performance outerwear for extreme mountain sports but saw we could not find a jacket or coat we could wear around town that looked stylish and fashionable and still have the functionality we had come to expect.  Drawing from contacts and resources we had developed over the years, we created SALENCE by combining contemporary design with advanced technical material and construction techniques.  We also brought an artisanal approach to our creations with meticulous attention to detail, innovation, fit and durability.   With Andy now pursuing other creative opportunities, I continue to operate Salence with a commitment to make outerwear that captures the best of modern design and advanced performance. 



In a world where performance is the priority, Salence strives to be set apart. Our innovative approach combines high performance with finer men's fashion in every way. From waterproofing and water-resistant fabric technology to stretch-woven and knit fabric composition to specially constructed designs that maximize ventilation and ergonomic wear, Salence is on a mission.


For us style is not about the latest fast fashion trend.  It is based on an aesthetic firmly rooted in classic design.  Designs tested over decades of use.  Designs which, through study and testing, allow us to create modern interpretations of timeless standards to meet the evolving needs of the 21st Century man.

A Symbiotic Relationship

Performance and style are different sides of the same coin. One compliments the other. Without style, performance has no impact. Without performance, style has no meaning. 

We believe the Salence man deserve both. 

Our Manifesto

No other quality befits a man like intentionality.

In his speech. In his deeds. In his beliefs.

And while this quality is found within, it is his outer presence that informs who he is before anything else.

From his outward appearance, a nonverbal introduction is made.

Along with an impression. And a statement.

His style must be backed equally by functional performance, without sacrificing one for the other.

It is with clothing such as this that inner confidence can emerge.

After all, a man requires not just what works.

But what works well for him.

It’s why we believe well-designed, high-performing clothing doesn't make the reveals him.